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Learn Spanish in a friendly enviroment!
We offer a wide range of training formats to suit your needs and expectations.

DWS Spanish School, Buenos Aires ensures that your Spanish level is well assessed from the beginning of your Spanish course.

The organization of our courses follows the description provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) as well as the design of study levels carried out by the School of Philosophy and Language of the University of Buenos Aires, regarding the considerations to the "Rioplatense" Spanish variety of the language.

Therefore, our Spanish courses that are held in Buenos Aires comprise the various Spanish varieties for the student to have a general knowledge of the language as well as an ability to distinguish specific features of it.

DWS Spanish School has organized its courses into 6 different levels. It takes the student between 60 and 80 hours of tuition to complete each level.

DWS Spanish School offers you the opportunity to take DIE examination, which is recognized worldwide. DWS Spanish School is one of FIDESCU´sexamination centres (Foundation for the Development of and Research into Spanish Culture). Once you have completed the course, you may sit for the DIE examination (International Diploma in Spanish), recognized by University Pontificia de Salamanca. If you are interested, please confirm it through your enrolment or while taking the course.

A1 & A2 - Elementary
A student at level A1 starts his/her Spanish course without any previous knowledge of the language. At times, he/she handles a limited set of expressions (greetings, numbers, days of the week, etc.).

A student at level A2 starts his/her Spanish course with an elementary Spanish knowledge. He/she is able to deliver simple production with a vocabulary restricted to the present and past tenses and is acquainted with communication rules to satisfy specific needs of everyday life.

B1 & B2 - Intermediate
The student who starts level B1 has enough linguistic elements so as to retell either present or past situations, as well as to express expectations towards the future. He / She is able to communicate in daily situations without difficulties.

The student who starts level B2 has a grammar control that enables him/her to participate in communicative situations which prove to be more complex than daily events. The ability to retell and make descriptions acquires more accuracy and fluency.

C1 & C2 - Advanced
The student who starts level C1 can participate freely in real communicative situations of several complexities. And has a wide vocabulary and is familiar with the main features of the Spanish grammar.

The student who starts level C2 is able to argue and persuade as well as to express creatively in several communicative situations without difficulties in comprehension.

What should I do if I have completed Advanced II - C2 level?
If you have completed level C2, DWS Spanish School offers proficiency classes. You will be able to improve all your skills - reading and writing, speaking and listening. We will develop a work plan based on your strengths and weaknesses and your experience as a Spanish student and you will be able to work on those topics you are most interested in or the ones you specially need for educational or work development.  You can also choose on of our specific interests course: History, Literature or Business.

Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires


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Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires - Fun & New Friends
We want our students to have an unforgettable time. Our timetables include breakfasts, cocktails and special activities where you can meet with the other students so you can introduce yourself to network and have fun...FIND OUT MORE
Our privileged location in Recoleta, one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, not only allows us to create a relaxed environment to study, but also makes it easy for our students to go for a drink or a coffee after class on one of the beautiful cafes nearby... FIND OUT MORE
Watching a football match, dancing Tango, or a wine tour are some of many special activities were you can go with your schoolmates, practice your Spanish with native people, have a sense of the Argentinean lifestyle and culture, and of course… spend an amazing time... FIND OUT MORE
Personalized Spanish Course in Argentina

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or you have taken several Spanish classes before, our flexible courses are customized to fit your needs and completely personalized to your level, skills and available time. FIND OUT MORE

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